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Jai Kisaan Junction

One Stop Shop for Farmers and Farm Support Services

Zuari Agro Chemical Limited, one of India's largest fertiliser conglomerates, had introduced its own retail chain of agribusiness hubs under the brand name ‘Jai Kisaan Junction’ as a one stop agri shop that helps to ensure that Indian farmers grow high quality, products . This chain serves farmers by facilitating their all agricultural needs and provides free agricultural consultancy services ranging from sowing to harvesting of crops. Through this unique initiative the company not only provides agri inputs to farmers but also business opportunity to rural youth and employment to agriculture graduates. The Jai Kisaan model has been specifically designed to meet the challenges posed by the distinctive features of Indian agriculture. Backed by intensive research and knowledge, this initiative provides qualitatively superior farmer-extension services and involves pro-active handholding of farmers to ensure productivity gains.