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Trees at Zuari Nagar

Zuari is the first company in India to undertake a vegetative mapping exercise within its industrial campus. Eco-scientists and botanists use this technique to profile existing vegetation within an area by cataloguing trees and other vegetation. This vegetative mapping project was carried out in collaboration with the Botany department of Goa University. The head of the botany department Dr Torne formed a team of botanists and research students for the assignment.

This exercise at the Zuarinagar estate was not only restricted to vegetation mapping but also covered classification of trees and conducting a tree census. The study also dealt with existence of a number of exotic species, medicinal plants, flora and fauna. The results revealed that there are over 100 species of trees and ground fauna with over 80 species of birds on the campus. The fact that this garden exists on what was once, a barren rocky land, makes this success story even more astonishing.

The lush industrial garden of Zuarinagar is home to a variety of trees and is even home to the real Ashoka tree – Saraca Indica. This tree is incredibly rare, only one other tree of its kind remains in Goa. Zuari planted a number of endangered trees on the Western coastline including soap nut, dhobi nut and gunj.

The green vegetative cover at the Zuarinagar spreads over a thousand acres with more than 200, 000 trees. Zuari has even roped in nearby villagers encouraging them to plant trees of practical use to them such as fruit trees like coconut or mango.