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Established in 1973, the Zuari fertiliser plant is a hallmark in the development of large-scale industry in Goa. At the time of initiation, the plant was the largest industrial undertaking in Goa, acting as an impetus for rapid economic growth in the surrounding areas. The plant was started as a financial and technical collaboration between the house of Birlas, US Steel Corporation (USX), International Finance Corporation, and the Bank of America. The design, engineering, and construction of the plant were carried out by Toyo Engineering Japan. The plant has an annual installed capacity of 10,59,300 metric tonnes of fertilisers. The entire manufacturing facility comprises of four separate plants, namely the Ammonia, Urea, NPK A and NPK B. Zuari’s complex fertiliser plants use the latest in pipe reactor technology and are based on the slurry granulation process. The plants have played a key role over the last thirty-five years in meeting the fertiliser demand across four states.