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Zuari Agri Sciences launches an organic growth stimulant, CHEMFREE™

Committed to creating a safe environment and improving the productivity and sustainability of modern agriculture, Zuari Agri Sciences Limited and its partner Agrinos AS, introduced another innovative, new organic growth stimulant, CHEMFREE™ to Indian agriculture market .at their dealers’ meet held in Sterling Resorts, Munnar in the month of March. Agrinos AS, a global company of Norwegian origin is marketing new 'GreenTechnology’ products for the use in agriculture crops alI over the world.

CHEMFREE™ is an organic solution composed of L-aminoacids, protein, potassium, carbon, calcium, magnesium and traces of chitin derivatives from natural sources through organic fermentation process, free of high temperatures and harsh industrial chemicals which results in a potent anti-stress bio-stimulant for excellent plant/crop/turf growth, flowering and fruiting performances.

When applied to the crops on the foliar, it is quickly and rapidly absorbed by plants. It encourages soil microbial growth and restores plants in case of stressful events caused by drastic environmental changes, mechanical damage, salinity, toxicity, etc.

Implementation of this nutrient solution by Indian growers can boost production in an environmentally sensitive, efficient and low-energy manner in alignment with Agrinos’ and ZASL’s collective vision for sustainable agriculture.

Forging ahead aggressively to achieve exponential growth and absolute reliability, ZASL, the youngest player of Adventz agri business, with the launch of CHEMFREE™, adds another differentiated, innovative, organic product to its growing portfolio.