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Sugarcane Field Day at Solapur

Cashing in on the pleasant February weather, the ZACL crew, in collaboration with Lokmangal Sugars, Ethanol & Co-Generation Industries Limited, organized a Sugarcane Field Day for farmers and producers at Bhandarkawte, Solapur district. It was a vibrant day of informative lectures and in-field learning when experts presented on varied topics pertaining to sugarcane farming and techniques for its enhanced productivity. The ZACL officials including Mr. A. Venkatram (GM- Sales); Mr.D.J.Ligade (SMM-ZAP); Mr.J.S.Sahane (SMM-Solapur) and Mr.S.Vijaykumar (CM-SP) addressed the farmers highlighting the objective of Zuari Agri Park and its focus of such interactive exercises and demonstration activities. The attendees were also guided on the usage of Cane Bud Chipper, a special instrument used to separate sugarcane eye buds from cane that are further planted in tray filled with cocopit for raising the sugarcane seedlings. Currently the average yield of sugarcane crop in Solapur/Bijapur area is 30-35 mts/acre where as the expected harvest from our demo farm is 60-63 mts/acre.