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Agri Business Dealers Meet in God’s Own Country

ZACL has been tremendously proud to have had a robust dealer network that has played an important role in fortifying the foundation of the company across various markets, helping it to gain a critical edge over the competitors.

Aiming to celebrate our growing network of dealers and consumers the company organized two consecutive dealer meets in Kerala recently, further strengthening the existing bond with dealers of two of the key marketing regions of Adventz agri business – Hubli and Kolhapur. Both the regions were represented by 100 dealers each.

The meets were held in the beautiful and picturesque locale of Munnar in Kerala. Known for tea plantation, this hill station, situated at around 1,600 metres (5,200 ft) above sea level, in the Western Ghats range of mountains, presents a breathtaking view of the green hill tops interspersed with rivulets. The drive uphill from Kochi, which is at sea level, takes one through the undulating hill roads to hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerala. The distance of 105 kms is covered in five hours.

The meeting represented the wide spectrum of Adventz agri business showcasing its rising aspirations. The speeches, presentations and panel discussions were focused on the central theme ‘INTEGRATE. CONSOLIDATE. GROW’. Mr. A. Venkatram, General Manager-Sales, introduced PPL to the participants and apprised them of the benefits of integration between the two major players of the Adventz Group. Mr. J. M. Kaushik, Jt. GM and Head-WSF, highlighted the enhanced scope of Water Soluble Fertilisers in the arena of Indian agriculture. The regional scenarios were presented by Mr. S.V.S. Rao and Mr. R.V. Dawkhar, the respective regional heads of Hubli and Kolhapur.

The key highlight of this event was the dazzling debut of the youngest player of the agri business, Zuari Agri Sciences Limited. The grand launch was accompanied by an attractive pre-booking offer, ‘Kharif ka mausam aaya, Sone ka sikka laya’, which drew a tremendous response. Two new products – Chemfree, a plant growth stimulator, and SSP brand, Super 16 were also unveiled amidst great fanfare and frenzied excitement.

The dealers were also informed about the commissioning of the new SSP plant of Zuari Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd (ZFCL) at Mahad, Maharashtra.

After the enlightening presentations the audience was treated to power-packed Kalaripayattu performances. The next day, the dealers spent a great time in the lap of nature, enjoying the attractions of Munnar.

Focussed on optimising opportunities in the agri business supply chain through joint collaboration, this dealer’s meet was a significant effort not only towards strengthening business association but also towards motivating them to continue giving their best.