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The Krishi Samrat Award

Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited realises that innovation and the adoption of new scientific techniques in agriculture is the need of the hour to ensure agricultural prosperity. The company recognises progressive farmers whose ardent efforts and achievements have led to the betterment of the farming community at large. It is to honour these farmers that the Krishi Samrat award was established in 1985. The felicitation is awarded to those farmers in Zuari’s marketing area who have proven themselves as leaders in India’s agro-community.

The first recipient of the award was the late Shri N M Chamankar, a pioneer in mango cultivation in the Sindhudurg district of Maharastra. Till date, the award has been bestowed upon three farmers from Maharastra, three from Karnataka, two from Andhra Pradesh and one farmer from Goa. The award compromises a shawl, a shriphal, a citation and a cash prize.

The selection criteria for farmers for this award includes-

  • He should be a practising farmer having the ability to adopt modern technology to local environmental and socio-economic conditions.
  • He should have the ability to develop simple, innovative, low cost farming practices suited to local needs.
  • He should be sharing his skills and knowledge with fellow farmers.
  • He should have been involved in community interest / service at large.

His contribution might be on :

  • A specific crop
  • Different crops like taking multiple cropping and achieving maximum returns per unit area / unit time.
  • Evolving / popularizing new high tech varieties and hybrids.
  • Improving management techniques for better yields.
  • Improving agricultural tools for better farming.
  • Any other innovative agricultural activity, which has resulted in improving the socio-economic status of the farmers and the community at large.
  • He should have received an award in recognition of his achievements from State/ Central Govt. / Agri Universities / Research Stations.
  • Through this effort, he should have promoted self-reliance and an ability to convert scientific knowledge into production gains.

Success Stories

  • Mr. B M Shivakumar

    The cost benefit ratio achieved by Mr Shiviakumar on using Zuari products is 435:1440 = 1:3.31 That is by investing Rs 1/ the farmer has got an income of Rs 3.31. To achieve this, the Farmer took up to use 2 sprays of Poorna after 25 & 40 days after planting. Boost & Boons prays were done after 55 & 75 days of plating with 5 gm/lit of water. Farmer is a registered Sangam Farmer of the village in Bellary district.  He has been cultivating paddy for 8 years under TBP area. Mr Shivakumar, has started sharing his experiences with his fellow farmers of the village & surrounding village.

  • Mr. G.M. Basavaraj

    A registered farmer under Sangam programme for the past 4 years. Mr Basavaraj has been cultivating paddy for 10 years under TBP area. Difference in cost of cultivation is only WSF cost of Rs 545/ ac, where additional profit is Rs 2730/ac. Taken up WSF – Poorna Sprays at 25 & 40 DAP . Boost & Boon at 55 & 70 DAP & Sulpho after 90 DAP. Apart from an increase in yield, the rice produced was of superior quality and was preferred by millers. Mr Basavaraj was extremely happy with the result of the technical service, advice and quality of products from Zuari.

  • Shri Mallikarjuna Jade

    Mr Jade is a registered Sangam farmer of his village. He has been cultivating Paddy since 10 years under TBP area.

    On the advice of Zuari’s experts he has taken up the use of WSF sprays. Poorna – 19 sprays at 25 & 40 DAP followed by Boost 52 & Boon 45 sprays at 55 & 75 DAP.

    He expressed happiness about the company services for the benefit of the farmers. Mr Jade, is very convinced with the increase in yield & quality of the grains due to WSF usage. He has started advocating WSF to his friends in the village.

  • Mr. Saranabasava

    A registered sangam farmer of his village, he has been growing paddy since 10 years under TBP command area. At the advice of Zuari’s JKs,  he used WSF and the results ensured he produced a good yield. Poorna – 19 - 2 kgs /ac at 25 & 40 DAP at 7 gm /Lit of water. Boost 52 & Boon 45 1 kg each /ac at 55 & 75 dap at 7 gm/Lit of Water. The results of using this was an increase in the number of tillers & less chaffy seeds. The resulting rice shone better and was preferred by millers.

  • Shri Shivappa

    By incurring additional cost of Rs. 445/ on WSF, farmer got an additional profit of Rs 1820/ac, for which he was very happy. Though he had been cultivating paddy under TBP command area ,had not used WSF earlier.

    With rising costs of bulk fertilizers, Mr Shivappa used WSF and sprayed as per the advice of Jai Kissan Sangams. Poorna 19 sprays at 25 & 40 DAP. Boost 52& Boon 45 at 60 & 80 DAP. The result was a uniform crop with, less chaffy seeds. There was also an increased number of tillers in the WSF sprayed plot.

  • Shri E. Suresh

    Cultivating paddy under TBP area for the past 10 years, Mr Suresh, is a registered sangam farmer of the village,

    Mr Suresh, took up WSF sprays at the advice of JKs at critical stages of crop growth as under. Poorna 19 at 25 & 40 DAP Boost 52 at 55 DAP & Boon 45 at 70 DAP.

    The result, was  he observed more tillers in the WSF sprayed plot. He expressed happiness about the services & quality products of the company.

  • Shri P. Veeresh

    A registered Sangam farmer of the village, Mr Veeresh took  up cotton cultivation in an arid land. He has taken up WSF sprays as advised by our Jaikisaan Krishi Salahagar at critical stages of crop growth like 2 sprays of Poorna during vegetative growth stage at 25 & 40 DAS, followed by 2 sprays of Boost 52 at 55 & 70 DAP & 1 spray of Boon 45 at 80 DAP.

    In spite of lack of follow up rains during boll formation stage, Mr Veeresh got increased yield in case of WSF sprayed plot. Now he is convinced with the advantage of using  WSF and is happy with the service and quality of products that have been offered by Zuari.