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Jai Kisaan Sangam

In order to forge ties with farmers and understand their needs, Zuari’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program Jai Kisaan Sangam was conceived in April 2005. This program focuses on providing value-added services to the farmer.

The word Sangam signifies the confluence of two rivers;with respect to Zuari it connotes the coming together of Zuari and its farmers &dealers. The essence of the Sangam initiative has been captured in its logo, which depicts a narrow strip of land between two rivers that join. The objective of Jai Kisaan Sangam is to make farming more profitable for the individual farmer by increasing his net income. This is achieved by customized services tailored to his needs, helping and guiding him to adopt scientific agricultural practices.
Some services that Zuari provides under this program include soil testing, animal health, family health, agri-input marketing, and crop husbandry. In order to avail these services a farmer merely has to register under the Jai Kisaan Sangam scheme.

Jai Kisaan Krishi Salahkar

The backbone to implementing this program is Zuari’s grass-root level extension worker, the Jai Kisaan Krishi Salahkar. The role of Jaikisaan Krishi Salahkar is to ensure periodic interactions and delivery of products and services to farmers. Each Krishi Salahkar covers 10 – 12 villages. The Jai Kisaan Sangam program was initiated in Maharashtra and Karnataka and is set to spread to the rest of the marketing areas.

Jai Kisaan Sangam Varta

Jai Kisaan Sangam Varta is a quarterly magazine on agriculture, delivered by hand to JKS members. Written in colloquial language for easy understanding, the newsletter contains articles on important topics relevant to the needs of Sangam farmers. The newsletter has a FAQ section, which provides a forum for farmers to get advice from the experts. Another feature of the newsletter is photographs of recent Sangam activities in different parts of the state.

Soil Testing Services

Soil testing is the basic service offered to all J.K.Sangam registered members. JKS collects a soil sample from a farmer’s field and sends it for testing to the Zuari laboratory at Bangalore or Pune.

These laboratories are equipped with an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer that enables micronutrient status analysis of the soil. Soil testing is conducted for N, P, K as well as micronutrients. The laboratories are also equipped to undertake the testing of water, leaf, organic manure and fertiliser samples.

The soil test reports are made available to the farmers in a month’s time. Based on these reports, JKS provides further guidance on the ideal dosage of fertilisers, micronutrients, soil conditioners etc. For members of Jai Kisaan Sangam, all analytical services are free of cost.

Optional Services

Zuari provides various value added services to farmers, to ensure Jai Kisaan Sangam is truly beneficial to them. Zuari understands that thriving livestock is critical for agriculture to be successful in India. As part of the Sangam program, Zuari organizes animal health camps within its marketing area. Zuari takes the help of veterinary doctors to organize these camps, where artificial insemination and vaccination are two main activities that are conducted.

In order to provide for the wellbeing of the farmers family, Zuari undertakes family- health-camp programs. These camps include the family/children health camp, eye check-up camps etc. These camps are conducted with the help of local doctors and specialists from nearby areas.