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Impact on Agriculture

Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited has played a significant role in the betterment of farmers and the agricultural sector across India. As a responsible corporate citizen, Zuari whole-heartedly believes in serving local communities in all its marketing areas.

Zuari works closely with farmers across states, educating them in the use of fertilisers and ensuring that agriculture as a whole prospers in the markets that Zuari covers. This is achieved in a variety of ways, from crop specific yield enhancement programs focussing on paddy, coconut and sugarcane etc., to conducting seminars and other training programs.

Zuari acknowledges and supports forward thinking farmers. The company applauds these farmers for adopting proven scientific methods of farming that lead to increases in crop yield. These farmers have gone on to share their new techniques and contributed to the growth of agriculture as a whole. Such farmers are short-listed and honoured as Krishi Samrats.