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The earth which nurtures all forms of life is also the storehouse of all treasures. These treasures bring prosperity and glory to mankind. Sustaining all living beings and stationary objects, the Mother Earth is the source of all civilisations. We pray to you, Mother Earth, to bestow on us peace and prosperity.

Atharva Veda (Chapter 12/6)

Preserving the environment whilst we fulfil our endeavours has been a major concern for Zuari. We have developed and implemented an environmental management policy that covers a wide range of issues from the treatment and recovery of wastes, emission control, to the education of personnel. Business operations and processes have been developed keeping environment conservation at the top of the mind. Unlike most “end of pipe” solutions, Zuari actively deals with the issue of waste right from the start of its production processes.

At Zuari, building eco-friendly plants is not perceived to be a cost. It is an investment for a better future. This outlook has seen us become the industry leader in environmental management.