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Borewell Recharging - Hiriyur

In order to provide better living conditions for inhabitants of Hiriyur village of Chitradurga district of Karnataka, Zuari implemented a bore well recharging program. This district relies solely on bore wells and rainwater as sources of water for domestic consumption and agriculture. The water in these wells dries up due to over use and lack of replenishment.

The natural replenishment of bore wells is a slow process in several parts of interior Karnataka. It is common for bore wells in this region to dry up. These bore wells can be replenished artificially by constructing recharging / infiltration tanks around the well. These tanks helpinject rainwater directly into the ground water resource.

The Mysore Resettlement and DevelopmentAuthority is an NGO renowned for expertise in the recharging technique. Zuari constructed three recharging tanks in the village in association with this NGO. Constructed in January 2005 the tanks have helped inject large quantities of surface flowing water into the bore wells. The success of the project is evident as the bore wells now easily yield ample water for daily usage, thus solving the water scarcity issue that the farmers faced.